Conducting state of the art research to support your IP decision making.

Each project is tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. And it’s all conducted by Aperture Insight specialists from start to finish. No off-shore outsourcing. Ever.

Our searching specialists apply their expertise, industry experience and best available research tools to probe into IP data, analyse results and produce deep insights enabling you to apply a strategic approach to your decision making.

Our clients from around the world use this information to accurately and confidently:

Knowledge is power.

Patent Research

Patent research is an essential step in the patenting process. It empowers you to mitigate risks and make informed commercial decisions.

IP searching is challenging and technically demanding, with over 90 million patents published globally and many patent records are non-English. Our qualified researchers apply their unique understanding of these complexities to bring you the best results. It’s a tailored approach that meets the ever-changing needs of our clients.

The deep technical expertise of our analysts combined with their scientific background, long-standing experience and vast database know-how creates the perfect combination of skills to acutely navigate the strengths and weaknesses of the myriad of data resources available.

Our IP Core services include:

  • Freedom to Operate searches
  • Global Novelty, Prior Art, Validity and Landscape searches
  • Chemical structure and bio sequence searches
  • IP Analytics
  • Patent applicant, family and monitoring searches

Competitor Analysis

Staying ahead of the competition is vital to retain or improve your market position. By gaining an understanding of how your peers manage their IP, it is possible to map the landscape in which you operate.

Our specialists can provide information needed to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and to determine their future intentions. Innovators around this world use these insights to:

  • recognize gaps in the market to be exploited
  • identify R&D opportunities
  • mitigate risks and make informed commercial decisions
  • gain a market leader advantage.

Be smart, be informed…
and disrupt the market.

Litigation Support

A dispute is never enjoyable. But when your invention is under threat, you need to take action. Whether you’re defending or suing, the quality and strength of your evidence is critical.

Aperture Insights’ specialists are here to build support for your evidence, the intelligent way. In combining our unmatched expertise with industry experience and the use of the best databases and content, we deliver superior search results to support your case; search results you can count on.

At Aperture, we can support your litigation and our team has many years of experience as acting as expert witnesses.

Watching Services

Do you know what projects your competitors are working on? Would you like to see the direction their business is moving in? Should you be concerned by the activities of others working in your industry?

By understanding your business goals and concerns, Aperture Insights’ Watching Services can provide the business intelligence you need to continually map your industry and create a competitive advantage.

Our specialists can deliver search results at regular intervals to suit your needs, whether that’s through weekly, monthly or quarterly updates. These may include:

  • alerting you when a trade mark or patent application similar to yours is submitted
  • providing you with details of all applications filed by a specific business or individual
  • monitoring critical dates and changes to existing patent applications.

Trade Mark Searching

In a busy marketplace, a strong trade mark can help your business stand out in the crowd. In fact, it can be one of your most valuable marketing tools, working to identify your brand and show consumers who you are.

Your trade mark may not necessarily be a logo. It could be a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, picture, movement or packaging aspect, or even a combination of these; it’s a distinguishing mark used to identify your unique brand.

With Aperture Insight’s Trade Mark Searching service, our specialists will ensure the trade mark you wish to register is available, checking no similar trade mark’s, registered or pending, exist before you file your application with IP Australia.

Aperture Insight can support your business by:

  • establishing whether your trademark is available for registration
  • reducing likelihood of objections being raised during registration process
  • identifying possible infringements your proposed trade mark may have on others
  • reducing risk of future trade mark disputes

Design Searching

In today’s creative world, understanding where your idea and design sits in the competitive landscape is key to maintaining your player advantage. Determine whether your design is new and distinctive or if it infringes the rights of another creator.

Shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation are all visual features that, when applied to your creation, make it unique. They make it yours.

A registered design provides the legal blueprint to protect your creation. Stand out from the crowd with certainty.

Aperture Insight analysts are highly trained in various types of design searches:

  • Australia and International Freedom to Operate searches
  • Design novelty search
  • Design proprietor / designer name searches
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